Why a ton?

The Roanoke Valley local governments are committed to preserving the environment and natural resources that enhance our quality of life. During the next decade, the City of Roanoke and Roanoke County have committed to 2 and 3% reductions in community-wide carbon dioxide emissions, respectively. Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, is increasing in concentration in the atmosphere and warming it. Continued warming is likely to have significant impacts on human and ecosystem health. Fortunately, reducing the use of energy will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and at the same time save money and reduce other hazardous pollutants like mercury.

The carbon dioxide reduction targets in the Roanoke Valley add up to 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year. This is a big number and achieving such a target may seem overwhelming to individual citizens and families. But, there are approximately 100,000 households in the Roanoke Valley so the targets can be achieved if each household just saved 1 ton of carbon dioxide emissions each year. And it turns out that this isn't so difficult. This site provides ideas and resources to save your ton of carbon dioxide, and a ton of money at the same time.