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Already, 50 households have applied for services through Weatherize Roanoke! Visit the website and submit an application today!

Save-a-Ton is proud to be a founding partner of Weatherize Roanoke, your one-stop shop for access to weatherization resources and services.

Weatherize Roanoke has brought together partners from local governments, non-profits, utilities, and service providers to make it easier for you to connect to weatherization services that work for you and your home.

It's simple: Visit the site at and complete a short application. Afterwards, Weatherize Roanoke staff will contact you with a list of programs for which you qualify: everything from free assessments, to no-cost supplies, to a full-blown weatherization retrofit. What you have access to will depend on where you live, your income level and family size, but Weatherize Roanoke will cut through all the confusion and get you straight to a program that works.

After you've done all the simple, free things like the tips on this site, weatherizing your home is the next step to finding new savings and making your home both more comfortable and healthier.

Don't wait - visit right away to see what you can start saving.

The links, ideas and resources on this site can help you save money. There's even an energy-saving calculator to keep track of your results.

But it's not just about putting more green in your pocket. By making simple changes in how you live and work, you'll help to maintain the high quality of life we enjoy in the Roanoke Valley.

So, go ahead, save a ton. Then share your successes and hints on our Facebook page.