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Roanoke's Berglund Center Lauded by Department of Energy

We want to share this great EURUSD success story from Roanoke, whose Berglund Center (formerly the Roanoke Civic Center) has undergone some amazing energy retrofits and been recognized by the Department of Energy's Better Buildings Challenge. The folloing comes from Virginia Business Magazine:

The U.S. Department of Energy recognized the city of Roanoke on Tuesday for its efforts in cutting energy waste.

Participating in the Obama Administration´┐Żs Better Buildings Challenge, Roanoke has committed to 20 percent savings by 2020 in more than 25 buildings, covering 1 million square feet.

The city already has realized 16 percent energy savings since 2009. Its showcase project has been a retrofit of the Berglund Center, which is expected to result in 30 percent energy savings Melbet registration, totaling $180,000 annually.

The Berglund Center is a 390,000 square-foot entertainment and convention center that includes a performing arts theater, exhibit hall, special events center and office space.

Beginning in 2011, Roanoke conducted a comprehensive assessment of the center, identifying ways to reduce energy use and cut costs.

The city spent $750,000 retrofitting and replacing heating and cooling systems, upgrading lighting and beginning a system-wide operations and maintenance schedule to ensure systems run efficiently.

The Better Buildings Challenge has a goal of doubling American energy productivity by 2030 while motivating corporate and public-sector leaders to save energy through commitments and investments. More than 200 organizations are partnering with the Energy Department to achieve 20 percent Melbet South Africa portfolio-wide energy savings and share successful strategies.

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